Since I have become a Christian I have searched to find good Christian bands to listen to. I have always had a great love of music so after becoming a Christian I felt that it would be best to move aside some of the more secular bands that I have always listened to, and add more bands that have a better message coming across in their music. This is something that has since became more important to me since having kids, I want to be able to listen to good music with them that will send them a good Christ centered message. But I quickly found that determining which bands are Christian and which ones are not is a harder task than I figured it would be. 

There are many bands that will flat out say "Yes, we are a Christian band," and it comes across in their lyrics as well. Then there are a handful that maybe had the label "Christian Band" at one time, but won't take the label anymore, maybe due to loss of sales from a secular point of view. And then you can find mainstream bands that are never really labeled "Christian Bands" but it comes out through their lyrics on some songs that they clearly have Christian beliefs but their music isn't all Christ centered.

Every time I asked the question "Is – a Christian band?" I ended up at a different website, blog, or forum searching for the answer. So after a handful of years into my journey as a Christian searching for these answers I decided to make a website for anyone that may end up in the same position as I was when converting my choice of music to a more Christian based selection. So that they don't have to search around the internet for the answers that they need. Hope this helps someone in their life trying to make every area of their life more Christ centered.

Note: I am not perfect so some information may not be 100% correct. I do the best I can to verify everything but I still can make mistakes. If you see something that is wrong or that you just disagree with leave a comment on the page. I will be sure to take your feedback into consideration. Thanx