Is Creed a Christian band? 

Many people have questions wondering if Creed is a Christian band due to many references in their songs that may seem to point that way but lead singer Scott Stapp has this to say on that topic.

"We are not a Christian band. This is a question we are asked a lot because of some of the references made in the lyrics. A Christian band has an agenda to lead others to believe in their specific religious beliefs. We have no agenda! Those references were made at a time in my life when I was questioning how I was raised, and searching for where I stood concerning those issues. This is not to say I have abandoned those beliefs, just searching for where they fit into my life."

Bassist Brian Marshall, who named the band, said that singer Scott Stapp uses spiritual imagery as a metaphor. And as for the song Higher, which is one that a lot of people point to as proof of Creed being a Christian band. Scott Stapp says that the song was inspired by a book by Hindu monks which is really about learning to stay "awake in your mind" while sleeping, so you can change your dreams.

While Scott Stapp himself has admitted to being a Christian he has had a rough road through his career. Creed has been sued for putting on a show where Stapp was too drunk to remember lyrics to the songs, he was arrested in an airport for being drunk and disorderly and ended up on a porn movie with Kid Rock and 4 women. 

So a lot of songs may have a Christian feeling to them because Scott Stapp had a Christian upbringing, but most of them are admitted by Stapp himself to be questioning faith or just metaphors.

Lyrics pointing to Creed NOT being a Christian band

As far as I can tell there is no lyrics that would give away clearly that they are not a Christian band. In fact there are many songs that show Scott Stapp himself is clearly a Christian or is questioning Christianity. Because he seems to be on his journey himself still trying to figure out exactly what he believes in this aspect of his life some of the songs may touch others in the same situations. It has also been said that a lot of the Christian aspects are also just metaphors. So may some lyrics hit you in a Christian way, yeah but they may not be Christian at all as far as they are concerned.

So Is Creed a Christian Band?

No, although some of their lyrics may speak to Christians or someone on their journey figuring out what they belief as far as Christianity.