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Is Flyleaf a Christian band? 

This is a post from the Flyleaf official Myspace blog.

"To clear everything up we are all Christians. We all love God and strive to live and perceive the world like Jesus would. Not necessarily like today's "Church" would, but how the apostle's and, more importantly, how Jesus explained how we should by the examples given to us in the Bible. Yes, we are Christians. But there is a dispute among everyone, even us in the band. Not one that we fight about, but one that is light-hearted and fun to discuss. It's the issue of whether we are a "Christian band" or not, and what that means. If you asked us, the band, that question we'd all give a different answer. One would say, "Of course we're a Christian band. It's why are together doing this, at all." Then one of us would chime in and say, "Yes, that is true to why we are together doing this and it's what keeps us together, but we are five individual songwriters who are Christians and who started a band. "

So they are all Christians and they play in a band together. Their lyrics are clearly influenced by their Christian beliefs. But for whatever reason they don't want the label "Christian Band." Maybe they want to reach a larger audience and feel the label will scare off people before they even listen. Maybe they feel it will hinder their ability to sell more records. Maybe they don't want to be labeled with bands that say they are but don't, "practice what they preach." I don't really know that answer and from what I've read they will give a variety of reasons they don't take the label. But their real intentions behind it are between them and God, I am not their judge. As far as I can tell their lyrics are influenced greatly by their Christian faith, and have a good Christian message. And they are all Christians in a band.

Lyrics pointing to Flyleaf being a Christian band

"Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet, say yes to pull the trigger. Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet, and Cassie pulled the trigger. How many will die? I will die, I will say yes." Album – Self-titled, Song – Cassie

So Is Flyleaf a Christian Band?

I'd say yes, they just don't take the label "Christian Band"

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