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Is Lifehouse a Christian band? 

The founding members of Lifehouse, Jason Wade and Sergio Andrade, met at Vineyard, a Christian church in California. They played in a worship band that eventually took the name Blyss. Blyss has since turned to Lifehouse and the members have been shuffled around a bit. They currently have people in their lineup that are not Christians.

So is Lifehouse a Christian band? Here is how lead singer Jason Wade has answered this question.

In a Rolling Stone interview he said, "My music is spiritually based, but we don't want to be labeled as a 'Christian band,' because all of a sudden people's walls come up and they won't listen to your music and what you have to say."

In an interview with the Daily Bruin Online Jason said, "We are not a 'Christian band,' but I'm a Christian, and the bass player [Sergio] is a Christian"

So no they do not take the label of "Christian Band" and technically all the members are no longer Christians. But what about a band makes them Christian to you? A big factor for me is the lyrics and with Jason Wade the lyrics are very heavily influenced by his Christian faith. So maybe the guitar player or drummer isn't Christian, but how can that come out in the music? All that comes out is Jason's clearly Christian lyrics. There are a long list of bands with Christian faiths that have said they don't want the label because they feel it could turn some people off before they even give the music a chance. Is this because they want to reach more people with the clear Christian message? or do they think it might make less money if they just stay in the category "Christian Band"? I don't really know that's between them and God. 

Jason Wade himself has long been rumored to have been working on a Christian Worship album as a solo project. This project eventually became called Mr. Tumnus. This band may or may not involve current and/or past members of Lifehouse, many rumors have been passed around. But the fact that he wants to put out a worship album is something he himself has stated, we just don't know all the details or when this will ever finally come out.

Lyrics pointing to Lifehouse being a Christian band

"Spin around one more time, and gracefully fall back to the arms of Grace….. I want nothing more than to sit outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing…. I'm trying to identify the voices in my head. God, which one's you?" Album – No Name Face, Song – Breathing

There are many songs that have lyrics that can be assumed they are about God but most of them could also be argued that they are about a wife, girlfriend or lover. It has been said that some of the songs that were on the No Name Face album were also used when they were playing as a worship band, but I can not confirm this 100%.

So Is Lifehouse a Christian Band?

Well since not all of the members are Christians anymore I would say "Technically" No, but the lyrics are faith based so it goes in my Christian music category.

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