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Is Skillet a Christian band? 

Well you don't have to look much further than an interview the lead singer, John Cooper, did with the Lansing State Journal.

Cooper says, " I think I'm so adamant about not wanting to get rid of my Christian stance because it helped me so much in my early life. I'm not embarrassed about it, and I'm not silent about it in interviews. If people ask, "Are you a Christian band?" my response is, "Yeah, I love it."

Both of the co-founders of the band were previously from Christian bands, John Cooper from Seraph and Ken Steorts from Urgent Cry. They toured together with their previous bands and shortly after both of the bands broke up. It was their pastor that recommended that they team up to form a new band together. Another factor pointing to them being a Christian band is that they were first signed to ForeFront Records, a Christian record label. Skillet has been on the Christian Billboard charts many times for their music, and have gotten Grammy awards for Best Rock Gospel Album and a Dove Award, which is an award show for Christian media. Finally proof that Skillet is a Christian band comes out in their lyrics, while not always saying God or Jesus specifically their music revolves around God and if the song isn't directly about God it's about life coming from a Christians perspective.

Lyrics pointing to Skillet being a Christian band

"Lifting up my voice, To the God who really sees, The God who is consumed, With loving thoughts of me…….Jesus, I'm safe with you." Album – Self-titled, Song – Safe With You

So Is Skillet a Christian Band?

Yes Absolutely!!!

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