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Is We Came As Romans a Christian band? 

We Came As Romans generally has a positive message throughout their albums and they often can be found touring with Christian bands, so it is often assumed that they are a Christian band as well.

Here are some quotes straight from the band.

This is what Joshua Moore had to say in an interview with Noisecreep.

"We have Christian dudes in our band and we have non-Christian dudes in our band, and as a whole, we’re not a Christian band.” 

Here is Joshua Moore in another interview with Indie Vision Music.

"We’ve always believed as a band that religion isn’t something we need to put in our music. I mean, obviously a few of us in the band are Christian, and we’ve agreed; [if you have an overtly religious message, then] you’re not going to reach the people that you can reach just talking about loving one another."

Here is bass player Andy Glass talking about his faith in an interview with Enoch Magazine

"I personally am a believer in the Lord. I think, if you really want to seek out answers about God or religion then you should make it a point to pursue it and learn. People may seem hypocritical at times, but no one is perfect. We can strive to be loyal and practice what we preach. Too many people get caught up in passing judgment but what we have to realize is that there is only one judge and that’s the Lord. I think we were put on this earth to love each other and to understand how to love as the Lord did unto us. That’s why our band writes about love enduring all things, the same message God wanted all of us to hear. Our band’s not a Christian band but there are some Christians in the band and we all agree on writing about one thing that will never create segregation and that is to write about love. I believe an open mind and an open heart will come together creating the ultimate form of love."

Here is an interview of Joshua Moore talking about the topic with Enoch Magazine


Lyrics that could indicate We Came As Romans might be a Christian band

"we were designed for more. in an image not our own. but we've fallen short…….i believe in a better condition. in one i have yet to attain. i believe in a better love. in one that has yet to change. fill me with faith. i won't be cast away." Album – Dreams, Song – Conditions

"This is how I show you my love. (My love, my love) This is him speaking to me. This is me speaking to you. (My love, my love) This is him speaking through me to you…..This is not what we were made for. Far from the compassion we have known. Far from the love that we have shown. He tells me that love will endure all things." Album – To Plant A Seed, Song – Dreams

So Is We Came As Romans a Christian Band?


No, not all of the members are Christians so, no not technically a "Christian" band.

But yes the main writer, Joshua Moore, is a Christian so you can hear influences and messages of Christianity through a lot of the lyrics even if they don't preach "Jesus".


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